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☆ Erstwilder X Mimsy Release Tuesday 21st 12.30pm ☆
☆ Erstwilder X Mimsy Release Tuesday 21st 12.30pm ☆

Decor & Art

Let's create a magical space...

Statement Pieces that can help complete a room, create a safe space for littles, open a world of magic and wonder or just some colour. Whatever your imagnation makes it.

When creating a room, you furniture, linens, cushions, throws, and so much more. Take into consideration colour theme, or theme specific, example woodlands, dinosaurs, australiana. Colours can create most of the space for you, then you just need a few statement pieces for contrast and set the tone. Special bespoke peices to be the finishing touch to the room, whether it be a soft toy, wall art, a statue, bunting, canopy, tent, etc

It's just a matter fo finding that right piece to tie your decor all together, you may not find what you want here, but this is great for inspiration, gorgeous chadmande buntings, cotton canopies, watercolour art, sweet cushions, we are here to inspire and create.