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Welcome to Uncommon Collective Store!

(Formerly known as Hammers & Wands)


Meet The Team...

Socially awkward and totally awesome at it!

Uncommon Collective is mash up of a mother and son duo, Janine & Ethan.
Both rough around the edges, both strong & independent, but cheeky and fun!
About Uncommon Collective Gift Shop   Meet Uncommon Collective Gift Shop staff today
👋 Hi! Nice to meet you!
Some of you know me, you've been following since the beginning, and some have not had the pleasure!
I'm Janine! 🙋‍♀️
I work at UCC, I manage it, stock it, man the shop, pack orders, do the socials, push papers, pay taxes, meet & greet, make things pretty, find randoms, make friends, bring A+ customer service, problem solve, make a fool of myself, tell great dad jokes, offer sarcasm and caffeine all day. I can be a big deal some days and others not so much...
Then there's Ethan... 🙋
He's basically a smaller verison of me. Kinda like a mini boss.. he is super bossy and nosy. I wouldn't say customer service or working is a strong point for him. He definately has an opinon, not always wanted, and he definitely plays a vital role. Kind of like an in-house critic/quality control/muse.
And that's it, 2 socially awkward, sarcastic cheeky individuals running this show!
Sounds like a good time, doesn't it?!
No really, we would love to meet you! We won't bite! Unless we are being dinosaurs, then run...


Our products are chosen for their traditional and homely values. Quality is important as well as supporting Australian businesses where we can. We aim to have customer service second to none, providing quality products and a truly enjoyable retail experience. Based in Castle Hill, our gift shop is much like a second home and I take great pride in everything we offer. Browse our online store or come and meet us, and see a wonderful curation of brands that spark joy! And squeals... sometimes we get squealers lol