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☆ Frida Kahlo X Estwilder Out Now! ☆

Eugy DodoLand Ankylo 3D Puzzle Collectible Model


 Eugy DodoLand Ankylo 3D Puzzle Collectible Model

Ankylosaurus are well-known dinosaurs for its unique physical features. They had an armoured back to defend themselves from predators, alongside a weaponised tail to scare off threats! They were short and flat yet still massive - only 1.2 metres (4 ft) tall, but 10.7 metres (35ft) long, and 1.8 metres (6 ft) wide! Only a handful of their fossil fragments have been discovered, which means there's still a lot to find out about this fascinating dinosaur.

Dodoland love bringing prehistoric creatures to life with EUGYs because we can use a bit of our imagination for areas that are yet to be discovered - like their skin colour! We are always fascinated by the latest scientific findings of dinosaurs.

Made from biodegradable materials - coloured with eco-friendly ink - put together with non-toxic glue!

3D and collectable!

Assembly takes 20 minutes.

Each piece is individually numbered. Just glue together in numerical sequence. Non-toxic glue and instructions included.

Age level : 6+

Includes : Glue, Eyeballs, Instruction guide