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☆ Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I've got Vendula London coming for you! ☆
☆ Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I've got Vendula London coming for you! ☆
That's A Wrap! Mother's Day from the outside looking in.

That's A Wrap! Mother's Day from the outside looking in.

As Mother's Day has ended, and the 2 week buffer to milk as much as possible has come to an end, this is just an oppurtunity to look back at some wonderful insight given by a select few.

We were lucky to have some of our audience, customers, followers,suppliers share some insight on their Mother's Day perspective...

I had asked the question 'What Does Mother's Day means to them?' 

Words From Katie Iddles, Victoria
''Mother's Day to me is all about the nurturing women in your life. ⁠

For me, that's my grandma. Through thick and thin, Grandma has always been someone who I could go to for support, for comfort, and just for a good ol' chat. We have a lot in common and a lot of differences, too. ⁠

When I was growing up, Grandma was always there to provide me with more books when I'd run out of things to read, introducing me to classics like Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice. ⁠

Even though we now live in different states, we still catch up for a chat nearly every week. I'm so grateful that the best woman in the world just happened to also fortuitously be my grandmother.''⁠


Words From Ellie Azzi, Sydney
''Mother’s Day to me is the one day to show your mother gratitude!!! ⁠

Gratitude for everything she has done. For doing her best to raise you and your siblings. ⁠

Quick answer is : gratitude''


Words From Kerry-Ann, Sydney
''What does Mother's Day mean to me? ⁠

This year, it's a bit different, as it means celebrating two mums. My adoptive mum and my mother in law. Two very special women in my life. ⁠

My mum has always been my best friend, and I look forward to spoiling her with her favourite gifts.''⁠


Words from Cindy Doll, NSW
"So mother’s day to me is very bittersweet. I lost my beautiful mum 18 years ago to breast cancer. ⁠
As much as I feel incredibly grateful to have had her in my life for 24 years and we were so very close I also feel incredibly ripped off. I wish she could have at least met my beautiful kidlets. ⁠
She was the most maternal, loving and affectionate person you would have ever met. I certainly realize now that I take after her a lot in that way but it doesn’t make it any easier and I try to instill in my boys that kindness is free and to always appreciate the simple things in life.⁠

Mother’s Day is usually pretty low key on the day and we tend to celebrate the occasion a couple of weeks afterwards (when the hectic hospitality life settles down) with a lovely meal out with my in-laws and boys."


Words from Carley Gialouris, Sydney
"Since becoming a mother myself I appreciate my own mum so much more, more than I ever did growing up!⁠
I understand her love more and I understand her patience more... she is my superstar!⁠

Mother’s Day to me... as much as it is about celebrating my mother and my mother in law I find it to be my day off! I get to stay in bed a touch longer... cook one less dinner... have my coffee made for me and the husband entertains the girls!⁠

I hope to one day see my girls become mother’s and watch them love their own children as much as I love them!"⁠

Words from Nirvana, Sydney
"Mothers Day is a day of joy & reflection, in the fact that I've been a mother for 20 years, that I've got my 4 amazing children around me and it is the one day I actually get coffee in bed 😁.⁠

It is a day to think of mothers we've lost and of mothers still here who we are thankful for all their sacrifices. I think about how my children have shaped me and changed me in various ways, motherhood has made me stronger within myself, facing challenges I never imagined. ⁠

Especially being a mum of a child with a disability, has been the most rewarding & emotional journey. One thing that is so important to all mothers is that they have support and are loved, so wishing all you amazing mumma's out there the happiest mothers day."⁠

And some words from me... My mum has always and still is a very independant woman, and having two girls, we turned out much the same, she worked 7 days a week while raising us, taught us that if you wanted something for yourself to go out get it yourself, don't let others do it for you.⁠

Typical wog mum though... sent me to school even if I felt I was dying. She would my pull my hair and pinch my nose when I misbehaved lol 😂 And I always got in trouble for dragging my feet...⁠

She was a hardass, no joke, she didn't have time to mess around, or cook big dinners BUT still had me in her bed whenever I had nightmares into my teen years and if my sister or me were done wrong by, god help you. lol⁠

It's a blessing, a deep appreciation that I struggle to show her to be honest, even more so now that I have Ethan, I get it and I am grateful, no matter how much she frustrates me I will always be there for her how she has been for me. ❤️⁠


And when I read all the responses and reflect on my own Mother, or being a Mother, it's not really about the gift, at all. It's recognition. Being acknowledged for all your time, support, hard love, cuddles, lessons, cooking, patience, recognition of everything you do as a mother for your children and your family.

Thanks mum! x

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