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☆ Vendula London - The Cats Ruffle Limited Edition arriving VERY soon! ☆
☆ Vendula London - The Cats Ruffle Limited Edition arriving VERY soon! ☆
The Rebrand - Uncommon Collective Store

The Rebrand - Uncommon Collective Store


It was this time 3 year's ago we were planning and organising the origins of Hammers & Wands. The beginning of a ever adapting little biz that made it's way around like gypsies. Moving alot, establishing and curating a range that made us excited and inspired.

We had our kids as our muses along side our attachment to sentiment and nostaglia from our childhood, we let it guide our style and trends, forming quite the delicious array of goods we have today.

It began, Hammers & Wands was the beginning. That led to a journey...


The Present

Try summing up all the lessons you learnt, all the advice, all the opinons, all the people you met, all the milestones you went through.

All the suppliers and makers you took a chance on, taking a chance on yourself and your ability to be successful.

All the wins and all the fails, the crying and the laughing, and lots of uncertainty.

All that coffee.

Everything I/we know now is because of the journey. What we do moving forward is because of the journey we already had, memories made, lessons learnt.

It's what make New Beginnings possible... ❤


The Future

We had a beginning, we had a journey and here we are.

Something new and different. Kind of.
New Name, New Home, New Products, lots of new...

But those bones... same bones. Same internal makeup that was apart of our origins. The same little people thar motivate abd inspire, the same great customers/friends that have stuck through.

Basically all the reasons we had at the beginning to start a business, will continue to always be the reasons why this business is moving forward abd making changes.

Things happen abd we adapt. You might peer through gates and see potential, watch your child grow and spark inspiration, meet new people and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities.

Here's the end result.
Uncommon Collective Store.

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